Integrating a home extension seamlessly

When you have a special home, with special features but space is tight and an extension needs to be considered, it is important to consider using an architect to ensure the extension is integrated within the original design rather than looking ‘tacked on’. Good architecture can only be created with a supportive client. And every now and again a client walks in with a project that you know can’t help but be successful.

An example of clients with the desire to use good design to achieve this result are those who own a rare 1930s Art Deco era featured house. They had worked with a well-known Brisbane architect for previous renovations, but approached me to finish the final phase of renovations. Their very special property – on elevated Hamilton Hill site- has sweeping views to the east overlooking the Brisbane River out to the Moreton Bay islands.

My clients wanted a new sunroom specifically to take advantage of the view. I designed a semicircular, steel-framed, fully glazed sunroom which offers 180-degree uninterrupted views. Exterior columns beyond the glass wall support a new overhanging open roof deck which provides a deep shading soffit to the new sunroom below.

The new steel framed windows (sourced from Sydney) match original windows of the house and offer very little visual interruption to the view. The result is a light, bright, airy sunroom, with breath-taking views, day or night, to city, river and bay. The design is timeless and the extension contributes to the continuity of the house.

So if you are thinking of additions to your home, consider the added value that a well-designed, fully integrated extension will ultimately add to the major investment that a home is these days.

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